Tips for Successful Vegan Baking

For most of the people, the idea of vegan baking is mystifying, how one gets the same effects, taste and textures without eggs, butter and milk? Worry not, we are here to help you out in your quest. Once you get acquainted and plan earlier, the possibilities are nearly endless and you will be able to churn out delicious vegan treats from your kitchen.

Here are important tips and tricks to keep in mind for vegan baking.

  • Learn about egg replacement

In standard baking eggs are used to bind, retain the moisture and determine the crumb texture. However, for vegan baking eggs are not used but there are various ingredients out there that are just equally good as eggs. You can use mashed banana, soy yogurt, ground flaxseeds paste and vegan buttermilk. Take your time experimenting with each one to find your perfect replacement.

  • Consider the fats

Margarine has been used as a substitute for butter, but many varieties available in the market  are made with hydrogenated oils that are not good for health. If you are going to use, check the label and seek out that its free of hydrogenated oils. You can use coconut oil, rapeseed oil or olive oil instead.

  • Touch of sweetness

When vegan baking, sugar and honey is out of the question, you can try maple syrup, agave nectar or other kinds of liquid sweeteners. Date syrup though it has a strong flavour and is dark in colour can be used for flapjack or oatmeal baking. Rice syrup can also be used as it is very similar to honey.

  • Opt for non-dairy milk

Non-dairy milk can be sweetened or flavoured, so when choosing for baking, opt for unsweetened varieties. Additionally, keep in mind the consistency of the milk you are using, soy milk is closer in consistency to cow’s milk than almond, while coconut milk is very thick.

In the end, remember that food colourings and cake decorations may not be vegan.

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